A new perspective on gratitude

Every November I reflect a bit more than usual on what I’m thankful for. Maybe we all do. Social media has created a strange collective form of peer pressure where we do things… Continue reading

Dear Fiona, you are one month old.

Baby Girl, I love you. You are now one month old. I’d say something silly like “I can’t believe you’re already so big” but the truth is you’re still so itty bitty. And… Continue reading

The final countdown

My pregnancy app reminds me that I have 12 days left until my due date. It also reminds me that Baby Girl is the size of a watermelon, though I don’t need that… Continue reading

On cloth diapers

Let me begin this with an asteroid-sized disclaimer that I have not changed a cloth diaper yet or dealt with human poop or its aftermath. I am not an expert. But I do… Continue reading

Dear little one,

We learned today that you’re a girl. A precious baby girl that likes to kick a lot. We can’t wait to meet you! Your brain, spine, heart, and other parts were all healthy… Continue reading

Pregnancy update: week 15

This week I felt more pregnant than I have in past weeks, not only because my belly has grown enough to warrant an extender on my skinny jeans (what a relief to not… Continue reading

Reflections on 2012, and happy new year

Oh 2012, you have brought some colossal changes. I am feeling reflective and sentimental and so, so full of gratitude. If gratitude overload is not a good occasion for reflecting or sharing, I’m… Continue reading

Observations on a trip to NOLA

I was blessed recently that a noteworthy conference on innovation in K-12 education took place in New Orleans and I was able to parlay it into a longer trip with Mike, who had… Continue reading

What I’ve learned in 5 years of marriage

Yesterday was my fifth-year anniversary with Mike. I feel happy. It’s hard to picture what five years down the road looks like when you’re 24 and getting married, or 19 and just starting… Continue reading

Mindfulness (not just when it’s convenient)

Last weekend, I went to the Short North sidewalk sale with my friend Hannah. Typical as of late, I behaved like a distracted puppy in search of treats every time we passed a… Continue reading