Strange but good

This alludes to a quote by Dave Eggers, my favorite writer of all time. After you read him your head starts to form sentences and thoughts in his stream-of-conscious style and you’re not sure whether to feel brilliantly smart or half-insane. I think that’s a good fence to sit on.

I’ve started – and stopped – at least a half dozen blogs, all of which were private and which I used for months or years on end as a log. I never made them public because generally I’m cynical when it comes to assuming that people really care what you’re doing in your life. And I’m somewhat self-conscious.

But, I’m trying to get past that. I write for my day job (a lot) and I love writing enough to justify the cramps in my wrist and preliminary carpal tunnel I may get. So there you go.

Welcome to my blog! Sorry for the half-assed invitation. I really am glad you’re reading. I think it’s hard to show people what’s going on in your head sometimes and so my sharing this is an attempt to make that more evident with the people I interact with. Plus I’m about to turn 29 and wishing I were cataloging more of my life, and so setting up a framework to be able to do that seems worth the time.

yogaServe is still active (and I plan to blog there… once more classes are rolling and we have things to share) but for now I wanted a space to write and share on a personal level.