Exciting news: yogaServe in partnership with Center for Wholeness

A little over a year ago in the midst of yoga teacher training, some amazing shifts began to happen. I met some dear friends who shared my heart for service. I determined that it was time to re-enter the world of volunteering, to a space that breaks my heart but that drives me more than possibly any other work I’ve done (career included): serving women and kids affected by violence. I began making phone calls to local shelters, had meetings and phone calls, sat with Julia and Hannah and discussed how to bring yoga to the masses in our community. Astounding things happened – namely, people WANTED yoga. Halfway houses, shelters, prisons, pretty much anyone you can think of – they wanted it.

We ran into plenty of barriers along the way: logistical, legal, financial. I realized that formalizing things was way harder than I’d thought. All I wanted to do was teach. But just like the rest of life, you need to get your ducks in a row first. And I struggled with a lot of internal dialogue along the way.

Many months later we are still teaching a handful of classes, and looking to grow in an official way. To make a long story short, the divine opened doors and cleared pathways when I met three wonderful women in our community, one of whom is the head of Center for Wholeness, a local non-profit that’s been around for over a decade and going great grassroots work. They’ve agreed to act as yogaServe’s fiscal agent and collaborative partner as we head into the new year and apply for a large-ish grant this month (fingers crossed).

THANK YOU to CFW and to any and everyone along the way who believed in this work and wanted to contribute or help or brainstorm or just be supportive. You matter. And we can’t do it without you.

Stay tuned for many more exciting updates.