Exhaustion + gratitude = just enough energy to get by

Let me start by begin by saying how grateful I am for a job that allows me to work from home when I need to. Yesterday morning when I awoke, my body felt like it had been beaten by hammers, my forearms mysteriously twisted into knots, blue paint still embedded into my arm hair (I have a lot of arm hair).

(This image is supposed to reflect “sore arms” – Google search yields the weirdest results sometimes.)

It was one of those mornings I knew could be markedly improved by pajamas, two cats, a pot of coffee, and grad-school style of working (computer on my lap, music, and frequent stretch breaks). I’m grateful for flexibility in my job.

We are entering the home stretch (I think) on our house. HUGE thanks to Randy, Mel, and Adrianna for coming over in the last two weeks to help out, and to my in-laws and parents for their herculean effort.

Despite teaching requiring energy — moving about the room and physically assisting students is demanding in its own way — it has also been refreshing. Gives me an hour or so to do my own breathing. To listen to music that moves me, and remember to ground. Teaching has turned out to be the most centering activity of my week, cushioned between frequent trips to Benjamin Moore, Lowe’s, and our house. On top of all this, yogaServe has also kept me quite busy as we go about applying for some funds and stabilizing (and expanding) some of our work.

But this is how you know you’re doing the right thing: despite feeling physically tired, knotted, and baggy-eyed, your stomach still jumps in excitement over the next conversation or development in a project. This is how I feel in meeting new volunteers, people interested in helping sexual assault victims or counselors of such victims; thinking of a possible partnership with Gracehaven – a residence for young women escaping the sex trafficking industry right here in Ohio (we’re talking little girls here); working with Janice at the Center for Wholeness to develop training and curriculum for trauma-sensitive yoga; or generally feeling loved and supported by many in our yoga community. THANK YOU. (yogaServe now has a Facebook account – please go “like” us and let us know how/if you’d like to be involved.)

And of course I feel this way about our new home. Despite wanting to punch a hole in the next paint can I see, or groan in agony over one more round of squeezing out paint rollers, I’m deliriously happy to be moving into our new space and making it our own.

Here are some pictures.

Steamed spinach by Benjamin Moore. I love this color.

The black dining room is shaping up to be even awesome-r than I thought.

You can’t really see in this picture how awesome Gumdrop green in, although the lighting is sort of cool. Gumdrop green is also a baby green. No – this is not a pregnancy announcement of any sort (like I’d announce it via a blog!) but rather than repainting later we figured we’d make it green now. It’s neutral, baby-friendly, and not overly pink or blue. We’ll need this room eventually. 🙂

Happy first week of March. Sorry for the random nature of this post.