Home is where the ___ is

It’s been one week since we moved. Before I start to feel too celebratory I should remember we still need to return to our old apt to clean. Blerghhh. Cat hair and crumbs.

But this week there was plenty homey-ness to enjoy.

What a way to greet me in the morning.

Sunlight, ipad, and coffee.

Hot yoga.

This beast of a table smells great. And I love it, even without chairs.

Also, this reminds me of what happened last Sunday. Mike wanted to know why I bought “so many candles?!?!” (e.g., like, three) and my defense is that I was trapped in a World Market for an hour and a half during a tornado warning.

Also, my best friend Adrianna is quite possibly THE best person to undergo a natural disaster with. She makes me feel less crazy. We heard the sirens and had to make a quick decision as to whether driving (toward the black sky) was a better option than ducking inside the store. We fled to Target, which by that point was in evacuation mode and had its doors locked. (If you’ve ever been locked out of a Target you know how marginalizing this feels. I mean really. Let us in.) So our only option, given the sky turning shades of evil and the sirens going nonstop, was to traipse back to World Market and demand to know the safety plan. Plan? There was none. The workers sort of laughed at us. Meanwhile, on Facebook we could read that OTHER stores (namely, Target!) had people tucked away in a storage closet. In WM we perused the earrings and waited for someone – anyone – to demonstrate alarm (or even mild concern), but to no avail. One employee told us we could congregate in the center of the store if a funnel cloud was spotted. Yes, the CENTER of a giant box store with lots of glass and heavy furniture is the very best place to take cover.

And so we schemed: papazzan cushions would be the best bet, and we’d drag them to the bathrooms and take cover there once the tornado warning gave rise to a watch (at that point we were under the impression that watch was worse than warning – oops). Luckily for WM and for those cushions, it was only later that we realized a warning was as bad as it gets and might have warranted a race to the bathrooms with four cushions in tow.

The employees laughed at us. So did Mike, who was oblivious to the fact that there even was a tornado warning. But Adrianna had my back. And given that were we there for 90 minutes at least – maybe longer, I think buying a vase and three candles is pretty understandable. Had I realized the danger implicit in “warning” (v. watch) I might have bought that platter and cushion.