Dear little one,

We learned today that you’re a girl. A precious baby girl that likes to kick a lot. We can’t wait to meet you! Your brain, spine, heart, and other parts were all healthy and growing real strong. Keep up the good work in there! I’m so proud of you.

I thought you were a girl before today. I had dreams about you in my arms, and I would touch your cheek with my finger and call you “little girl.” My mama used to call me little girl. Did I say already that I can’t wait to meet you?

Daddy is excited, too. You might end up with Daddy’s wild, curly hair, which would be so beautiful on you. Or you might end up with mine, pitch black and standing up straight like a paintbrush when I was born. Or you might have no hair at all, and be as bald as a cue ball for a whole year. I will love you no matter what.

That’s something you should know right away – I’m your mama and that means I will always love you. You’re going to be a beautiful little one, and I will tell you that often. But I will also tell you as much, and maybe more, that you are so, so smart. And good at things. And capable of doing whatever you want. Just like my mama told me! Your hair and your eyelashes and your pretty little face and the way you wear your clothes and boots are just one part of you. Your brain and your sense of humor and the things you grow to learn and love will be big parts of you, too – even though the world sometimes makes those things seem not as important for little girls.

You can be a princess if you want. But you can also be a warrior. Or a warrior princess. I’ll let you wear tutus and pink necklaces if you want but I’ll also let you wear dragon costumes to the farmer’s market or a Superman cape to a tea party. I’ll try my best to tell you that every day – be who you want to be. Whoever you want.

You can play soccer (I saw you kicking in there today!) or you can be a ballerina. Or both. You might be good at karate, too. Or you might like to garden with ga-mah and learn all about nature like your cousin. Hopefully you can try out all those things and see what you like.

If you’re anything like Daddy and me, you’re going to have a mind of your own and sometimes be stubborn. I’ll try to remember you got that from us. It’s good to be strong. And it’s okay to be soft sometimes, too. Both are good. And both are part of being a little girl.

You’re going to like the world out here, I promise. There are SO many people who love you already.

Keep it up in there, little one. I love you as big as the ocean and as bright as the stars.