She told me she used to do yoga

She told me she used to do yoga, but she can’t anymore. Her knees hurt. So does her stomach. She described surgeries and injuries beyond what I’m allowed, or feel comfortable, sharing. I… Continue reading

Reflections on the Elimination Diet (one week)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A week ago I began what is possibly the only “real” diet I’ve ever embarked on, inasmuch as I don’t generally believe in diets or restricting much of anything (unless it’s toxic). More… Continue reading


Last weekend I didn’t have the excuse of poor weather or too many yoga classes to teach or a taser to go buy – and so I finally planted my garden. There are… Continue reading

heart swell

Heart swell = my heart brimming, usually precipitated by music, yoga, teaching yoga, my cats, hugs, art, occasionally the effects of alcohol. Today I feel heart swell from none of these things. It… Continue reading


The rain tonight feels unbelievable. Cold. Large pellets. I stood under the tree house and listened, dings deafening. When I get like this there are epiphanies in water droplets. Lessons on the aluminum… Continue reading

a poem (sort of): i’m tired

Something about a playlist on repeat, or too much coffee in my veins – makes me feel like typing. As does not enough sleep, a handful of days of restlessness, eyes baggy, soreness… Continue reading

Dear Craigslist furniture posters, part 2

Do not tell me you have a patio set of 11 pieces and then show a picture of one chair and half the table. Where are the other 9.5 pieces? For that matter-… Continue reading

DIY: jewelry organization & wine cork repurposing

I’m one of those people who loves DIY in concept but rarely has the time to clean my own bathroom. So really, stapling things to other things and hot-gluing wine corks together is… Continue reading

Dear Craigslist furniture posters,

If you don’t include a photo, I’m not going to look. If you put your whole headline in CAPS or use the same word three times, like LOOK LOOK LOOK and/or use little… Continue reading

(Non) grasping at straws

My yoga mat is the space where I synthesize and process a lot of information, and I don’t mean consciously. It’s precisely by getting OUT of my head that this happens. If you’ve… Continue reading