The writing on the lawn

As you all know, something challenging happened this week in our lives. I go back and forth between being quite public and forthright about what’s happening in my life, and then wanting a… Continue reading

yard work

This weekend I realized two things: 1) I am getting older, inasmuch as I actually enjoyed my first bout of yard work since I was practically a kid, and 2) I am getting… Continue reading

Home is where the ___ is

It’s been one week since we moved. Before I start to feel too celebratory I should remember we still need to return to our old apt to clean. Blerghhh. Cat hair and crumbs.… Continue reading

Now comes the fun part (day 3 of real homeownership)

For the last five days I feel like I’ve been MIA, and by MIA I mean allowing my emails to wrack up to 70 or 100 (which stresses me out!), ignoring voicemails and… Continue reading

Stress dreams about manual labor

So my wacky dream about Chinese communists (that’s a really unoriginal “enemy” and I’m disappointed in my own psyche on that one) taking over the US, stealing my iPhone, and making me engage… Continue reading

“This experience will not come again.”

I’ll be the first to admit I easily get caught up in whirlwinds of activity, blown about with excitement (and stress) like a tumbleweed in a windstorm. Moving into a house is all-consuming,… Continue reading

Well that wasn’t awkward or anything

We are entering the home stretch. I’m entering new dimensions of exhaustion – feeling delusional, unsure whether I’ve said or done something four days ago or 10 hours ago (time melting) and taking… Continue reading

Exhaustion + gratitude = just enough energy to get by

Let me start by begin by saying how grateful I am for a job that allows me to work from home when I need to. Yesterday morning when I awoke, my body felt… Continue reading

Oil swishing (ayurveda demystified)

Several weeks ago I was looking up ayurvedic healing methods online and came across oil swishing, or “oil pulling” – which sounds just like what it is: rinsing your mouth with sunflower or… Continue reading

Exciting news: yogaServe in partnership with Center for Wholeness

A little over a year ago in the midst of yoga teacher training, some amazing shifts began to happen. I met some dear friends who shared my heart for service. I determined that… Continue reading