Crazy about color

“I see colors like you hear jet planes” – Dave Eggers again. Picking out paint colors reminds me a lot about life. Same lessons: go with your gut; don’t care what other people… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day & other reflections

I’m in a sentimental mood — not because it’s the week of Valentine’s and my birthday (I like to celebrate all week) or maybe because it is.  I met with an extraordinary woman… Continue reading

Yoga is what yoga does

This week I started back up my biweekly class at the women’s domestic violence shelter. We had taken off a few weeks for the holidays, and between work and life and teaching studio-based… Continue reading

When I was your age I walked two miles to school each day, and lived in a shack

Today when I got home I opened a card from my two best friends from grad school congratulating Mike and me on our new house, and reminding me that not even three years… Continue reading

Every cent is sacred (reflections on budgeting)

Since we’ve been married, Mike and I have occasional “budget” meetings which typically consist of getting amped up on a lot of rounds of coffee, typing numbers into Excel spreadsheets (not the most… Continue reading

“notice the light”

The light in the mornings and evenings has been gorgeous lately. Blood orange fades into blue grey and it makes me look forward to 7am more than seems right. “Notice the light.” One… Continue reading

reflections on home buying, & not having anything to do on weekend mornings

Every weekend morning for the last year or so Mike and I have trolled online looking at houses. What started out as last year’s goal to figure out what we wanted (envision that… Continue reading

don’t cry over spilled coffee

I love my Saturday mornings. I wake up far too early than one should on a Saturday, and head over to Burn (“feel it burn”) studio in Gahanna for an 8AM hot vinyasa.… Continue reading

Strange but good

This alludes to a quote by Dave Eggers, my favorite writer of all time. After you read him your head starts to form sentences and thoughts in his stream-of-conscious style and you’re not… Continue reading